I am Melody Garcia from Spain but i live in New York in the US, This is indeed the true temple of solution am here to give thanks to Dr Abaka the most powerful spiritualist in the world. Yes i say he is the most powerful because i have tried different people claiming to be powerful but all ended making me worse off.  I just want to show how grateful i am for the amazing work you did in getting my relationship back on track. My relationship was great at the time but all of a sudden everything change my man started keeping late night ignoring my call never text back hardly ever return my call and all this was killing me because i love him so dearly and i know how much he loved me and we have been through a lot together. It was so hard for me to bear and i began to look for help until i found your site by this time my partner and i had already broken up and it seems even harder now than ever but to my surprise after talking to Dr Abaka even before he started my work i already knew i was with the right person and that no matter what my relationship will be back on track. Through the help of Dr Abaka my problem was history and i got the solution i have been looking for all these years and the result was amazing my partner came back on my birthday and he apologize for ever hurting me and broken up with me he also promised never to leave me again ever since my boyfriend came back our love is getting stronger everyday. If only i had met her 2 years ago i would not have gone through all the pains i went through but he has made me forget all my past pains. after i got back my boyfriend i decide to also give his details to my Aunt whose husband was filling for divorce few days ago she called me to tell me that just 2 days after she contacted The powerful Dr Abaka her husband have dropped the divorce case. Thank you so much for everything you have done in my life. Please do not stop doing good to people.

Melody Garcia NY,

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